I received my PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Maryland, with a focus on development economics and experimental design. I received my BA in Math and Economics from Columbia University and returned to Columbia for a postdoc at Columbia University’s Earth Institute (2013-2016). For the Fall 2014 I was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse at the Toulouse School of Economics. I am a Principal Investigator on several funded studies at Columbia University, and co-Principal Investigator of a study at the Jameel Poverty Action Lab, South Asia. I have worked in East Africa (Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania), West Africa (Senegal), East Asia (Indonesia, Philippines), South East Asia (India), Eastern Europe (Ukraine), and Central America (Honduras, Dominican Republic). Beyond data and research, my interests are the intersection of tech, IOT, and economic development. 

I am currently co-teaching Challenges in Sustainable Development at Columbia University with Drs Joel Cohen and Jason Wong.  I teach tutorials in R and Python and co-lead NYC’s Pyladies (Python). This summer I’ll be teaching at Girls Who Code!

In a previous life I was a professional ballet dancer, trained at the School of American Ballet and danced in the corps de ballet of the San Francisco Ballet Company at the War Memorial Opera House.



In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.


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